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Enock Assist

Enock Assist is a patent pending, enzyme based technology that promotes the efficacy of antibiotics. Applying Enock Assist will boost and promote full use of the antibiotics applied allowing the plant to utilize less product with equal or enhanced results.

Get the most of the antibiotics and or other antimicrobials such as hops acid.

Improve Antimicrobial Efficacy and Simultaneously Reduce Dosage

  • Synergistic effect with antimicrobials

  • Reduce antibiotic residual

  • Utilize with current program for problematic bacteria

  • Bacteriostasis is improved

  • GRAS

  • Applied via water soluble sachet


The best products are protected by Archangel.

With over 25 years of experience, numerous antimicrobial and process patents, and an innovative approach, Archangel provides the best bacterial control for your business.

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