The first onsite DNA technology developed exclusively for the biorefining industry.

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Instead of days or weeks – Determine the source of infection in minutes.

The new GenesisGene DNA technology provides not only specific bacteria determination but the precise population within 75 minutes. Current onsite techniques determine less than 1% of the bacteria – GenesisGene can determine well over 95% of known bacteria.

Find out more about the first onsite DNA technology developed exclusively for biorefining in the latest edition of Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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GenesisGene Benefits & Features

  • Multisequence Capable

    Run up to 42 separate analyses at once
  • Flexible

    Determine entire populations, detect specific bacteria or low level bacteria types
  • Cloud Capable

    Map and Manage all plant processes of your facility to quickly determine processes outside of normal parameters
  • Eliminate the Guesswork

    Now you know the location, type of bacteria and population present. Direct the appropriate antimicrobial to the process and bacteria for immediate results.
  • Onsite training and 24/7 technical support

The best products are protected by Archangel.

With over 25 years of experience, numerous antimicrobial and process patents, and an innovative approach, Archangel provides the best bacterial control for your business.

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