Gram-negative/gram-positive antimicrobial solution designed for utilization in beverage and fuel ethanol fermentations.

NOVA, Our Antibiotic Free Technology

NOVA is the only full spectrum, antibiotic free technology to gain GRAS regulatory status within the last five years.

NOVA is GRAS approved to 173 ppm and the byproducts are all natural amino acid, Lauric Acid and ethanol. 

NOVA is excellent product choice where antibiotics are not desired or allowed. Examples include beverage, high protein grains and aquaculture.


NOVA Benefits
& Features

  • Effective on both Gram negative/Gram positive bacteria
  • GRAS Approved
  • All natural byproducts
  • Amino acid byproduct doubles as yeast nutrient
  • Applied as liquid

The NOVA byproducts are natural — amino acids, urea, and ethanol.

NOVA is an excellent choice for:

  • High protein grain

  • Aquaculture

  • Where antibiotic residue is not desired


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